Comparing Different Types of

Pet ID Tag Engraving

  • Diamond Drag Engraving

    Also known as "scratch engraving", a diamond bit is dragged across the surface of the metal to etch fine lines. Commonly used by trophy and awards shops.

  • CNC Rotary Engraving

    A computer-controlled rotating carbide bit carves out metal at any depth producing bright and clean engravings that can be felt with your fingertips.

  • Laser Etching & Marking

    A laser beam is focused just below the surface of the metal, vaporizing the metal and causing a black mark that is generally smooth to the touch.

We use CNC rotary engraving to deeply engrave our pet tags. Here's why:

Other engraving methods just scratch the surface

For us it's simple, rotary engraving is not going to scratch off, wear off and cannot even be sanded off without destroying the entire tag. That's how deeply we engrave our pet ID tags, otherwise, what's the point?

Personalize this tag style

The benefits of making our own pet ID tags


    We deeply engrave both sides of our tags, so the engravings will not scratch or wear-off. An important point for pet id tags containing essential contact information.


    We can engrave, cut and drill metal allowing us to make our own tags from premium sheet metal we source from American jewelry suppliers. We never use imported or mass-produced blanks.


    Since we make our tags from beginning to end it allows for nearly endless personalization options. Looking for something specific? Contact us, we can accommodate most requests!